Creating and Experiencing Mandala

Creating and Experiencing Mandala as a Healing Channel
With Helen Brazil, Energy Therapist

“Mandala" means sacred circle. For centuries, Mandalas have been used to facilitate meditation in many spiritual traditions. They’re tools for guidance and contemplation. They’re also useful in relaxing, reducing stress, and letting our creativity bloom.

At the beginning of each session, Helen will start with a guided meditation where we’ll take the time to notice how we’re feeling in the present moment.

Then, during a time of creative expression, the mandalas will allow us to get in touch with ourselves. We’ll be discovering so much beauty and sometimes a little pain…

As a therapist, Helen will be specifically present to each person, allowing the Mandala experience to be a catalyst in our inner transformation.

Week 1:Helen will be bringing a variety of mandalas and we’ll be able to choose the one we’d like to color-create.

Week 2: Helen will help us create our own Mandala without a template.

Week 3: 3-D Mandala! Using collage, we’ll expand into space.

Week 4: Community Mandala. Following the tradition of Tibetan monks, we’ll be co-creating our Healing Mandala.

All the material is provided and no artistic expertise is required.
4 week series $120

Please Register by Monday, March 5th

Space is Limited for this event to register early.

Experiencing Mandalas brings a deep sense of calm and well-being.
Wednesdays, March, 7, 14, 21, 28 from 6:30 to 8 pm.

Location & Directions

JCC in Sherman
9 Route 39 South
Sherman, CT 06784



JCC in Sherman
4- Week Session $120

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Michelle Morgenstern


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