Thursday Outdoor Open Mic at the JCC in

Thursdays August 20th -Thursday, October 15th
Outdoors in the JCC in Sherman Parking lot

Whether you listen, play, sing, or do it all, be a part of this diverse musical event! Jazz, Classical, Pop, Songwriters, Poetry, dance, storytelling, all are welcome. show starts at 7PM. All are welcome to come perform or listen!

The JCC in Sherman Re-Opening New Rules for Open Mic Outdoors

New rules are put into places for the safety of others. Thursdays Open Mic Night will be held from 7PM-9PM in the parking lot of the JCC in Sherman. Please read the following rules:

You must register by 5PM before arriving at the event. The event is free, with a non-mandatory donation of $10 non-performers and $5 performers. You can register by clicking this link: . If you have not pre-registered before the event you will not be allowed to attend.

We will be limiting the event to 40 tickets available for Open Mic Night. With a max of 16 performers. Performers must also pre-register on our website.

Everyone is required to bring their own chairs.

Everyone is to continue to practice social distancing of 6-feet apart.

Everyone is required to wear their masks (that covers nose & mouth) at all times. You will not be admitted without one.

Those musicians who are performing must bring their own equipment to use. At this time the JCCS will not be allowing the use of in house equipment.

Musicians/performers may remove their masks while performing but must remain 12 feet away from each other and attendees.

The JCCS restrooms will be open however only one person is allowed in the restrooms at a time to allow for proper social distancing. Everyone will be required to keep their masks on when entering the building and must wear gloves. Those needing to use the restroom must wait outside the building if it is currently occupied. There will be wait time in between each use as well.

A staff member or volunteer will make sure these rules are followed. No attendees will be allowed in the building unless it is to use the restroom. There will be a one way system for entering and exiting. Those needing to use the bathroom will enter through the front door and exit the building through the side door next to the bathrooms.

People are allowed to bring their own food/drink for our outdoor events only. Please be respectful and dispose of all trash in trash bins.

The JCCS will not be selling any snacks or beverages. We will also not be doing take-out orders from local restaurants at this time.

In case of bad weather, the event will be cancelled.

If you are feeling sick at all, please stay home. We want to keep our staff, volunteers and attendees safe.

These new rules are put in place for the safety of everyone and will be required to be followed by all. Your health is important to us all.

Please note these rules can be updated at any time. All events will follow CDC and the State of Connecticut guidelines for social distancing and rules for events and programs. Please note these rules/guidelines can be updated and changed based on CDC & state requirements.

Location & Directions

JCC in Sherman
9 Route 39 South
Sherman, CT 06784



JCC in Sherman
Donation: $ 5 Members/Musicians $10 Non-Performer

Contact Event Host

Michelle Morgenstern


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